About Freytag Designs

About Freytag Designs Web Design and IT Support

Freytag Designs is a family owned and operated business that specializes in providing Website Design and IT Support services in the Eugene and Springfield, Oregon areas. While based out of our local community, we have successfully met the website and tech support needs of companies all throughout the state of Oregon, and across the continental United States.

We are known for helping a variety of businesses navigate through what can be a pretty challenging time. How do you know what kind of website is right for you? How do you get your existing website updated or maintenanced? What about tech support and computer networking needs? With all of these modern staples of the business world, it can be difficult to pinpoint where to begin. Fortunately, this is where Freytag Designs proves to be a reliable, affordable, and effective resource. We establish good business relationships with clients, and we make the complex world of web services and IT support become much more simple.

Freytag Designs Specializes in Web Design and IT Support Services

We specialize in the creation and maintenance of attractive websites. Given that there are many facets of website design, we categorize our services into the following areas:

In addition, we provide comprehensive IT Support and Consulting services that can meet the needs of any business. Tech support services are categorized into the following areas:

Our services benefit existing companies, as well as those that are just getting started. We have helped many clients set up computer hardware and software, work stations, internet services and office networks. Since every business has its own unique needs, we encourage you to contact Freytag Designs and take advantage of our consulting services. We can formulate a detailed plan to meet your specific business needs.

A Brief History of Freytag Designs

Beginning in 2007 our focus was on providing high quality web design for medical offices that went beyond the typical cookie cutter templates that are so common all across the internet. In stark contrast we created, and continue to create, designs that are unique to a medical practice or a company brand.

Around this same time, Freytag Designs began to provide exceptional IT Support services to various clients, with our specialty being medical offices. In a short period of time our good reputation began to spread, largely by word of mouth. No longer did we meet the needs of just medical clients; within the next two years Freytag Designs was benefiting legal offices, retail stores, and a variety of small businesses locally and abroad.

We are happy to play an instrumental role in meeting the IT support, networking, and computer maintenance needs of existing companies, as well as helping brand new businesses set-up quality computer equipment and high-speed, sophisticated networks. We continue to perform all of these services for a wide variety of businesses.