Getting Started at Freytag Designs

Are you ready to get started with web design, website maintenance, or even tech support projects? There is much you can do in brainstorming and preparing effectively for website development and IT support. Consider the following criteria:

Brainstorming Project Ideas

Website Planning and Development

checkboxWebsite Objective: What are the goals of your website? Are you looking to gain some name recognition and inform the public of your services or products? Is your intent to bring individuals into your office or store?

checkboxResearch Similar Sites: Are there elements of other websites that you like, or even dislike, that offer similar services? Make a note of these different elements; the site features, content, and so forth. Seeing what's already out there on the web will give you an advantage when planning your own website.

checkboxDevelop Your Approach: What facets of your business or services are you particularly looking to highlight? What makes you especially unique and competitive? What benefits come to individuals who choose to do business with you? With your audience in mind, consider what information should be immediately be found by those who visit your site. Aim to promptly capture attention.

checkboxGather Materials: It is important to arrange for someone who can prepare the content you already have in flyers, brochures, newsletters and so forth. This includes any photos or graphics you have for logos, products, staff, and anything else that might be relevant to your business. Good web designers can produce graphics and written content for most any website. However, you are in the best position to express what makes your business stand out and why your services are beneficial.

checkboxWebsite Budget: The costs for a website need to be factored into your long term business goals. Unlike a one time marketing expense, a budget for the creation of a site is needed, and keep in mind that you will want to make additions and updates to your website overtime. Depending on the purpose and function of your website, updates may need to occur on a regular basis.

checkboxDomain Name: A critical aspect of your web presence is your domain name. Is it easy to spell? Easy to remember? Is your domain name relevent to your services or business name? Businesses often reference their website address in printed materials. Will the domain name show up well?