Pricing at Freytag Designs

Handshake over a financial agreement How much do web design services cost? This is one of the most common questions asked in the web services field, and quite often there is no direct answer. While prices may vary between companies, costs are largely determined by the specific services that a business needs.

For instance, a business might be seeking a brand new website. But what particular features will this website need, if any? Will a simple, attractive and informative website suffice? Or will special web forms be required, or areas of the site where only certain individuals can log into secure web portals? Will social media play a big role in how users find and interact with the website, therefore making ongoing social media updates a primary need? These few examples alone demonstrate how prices for a web design project can vary. Fortunately, Freytag Designs makes the process of identifying website needs quick and easy.

Prices Per Project

When it comes to the creation of a brand new website, a complete redesign of an existing website or other similar web-based services, Freytag Designs charges on a per-project basis. We assess the overall time and nature of the work involved to complete a project, and then we determine a price. Why is this approach beneficial for larger web design related projects?

This prevents our clients from paying more, unnecessarily, on an hourly basis. In the rare event that we encounter minor problems while completing any phase of a project, your financial obligation is uneffected. A flat rate also helps businesses factor this cost into their budget, and it makes completing a financial agreement much quicker and simpler.

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates primarily apply to IT consulting, tech support and networking services. The installation of hardware and software. Maintenancing or updating computers, servers, back-up drives, network components and so forth. Freytag Designs provides affordable IT support based on a three tier system.


If your business needs require a consistent amount of maintenance or updates to your website, then a monthly retainer is recommended. Services on a retainer basis are especially ideal for those who wish to have continual attention given to seach engine optimization, social media or blog updates, or for just peace of mind; knowing that if a need arises or there is an idea you wish to discuss, you can send an email or pick up the phone and have prompt support.

One Time Costs

We are happy to provide any of our web design or IT support services on a one-time basis, or on a more "occasional" basis, if your business needs require more sporadic periods of maintenance or updates.