Application Development

At Freytag Designs we conceptualize, design, develop and implement a wide variety of business applications. In today's competitive business world, a large number of companies may not be capable of sinking thousands of dollars into the high-end applications and software that is currently on the market. Depending on the business need, we have been able to help companies develop the applications they need for a fraction of the cost. And quality is not compromised; we develop high quality, feature rich applications that are simple, functional, and elegantly designed.

Custom Application Development

Application Development The application development services we offer are often customized to meet your business needs. That being the case, we typically approach a project with an appointment for application consulting. This gives us an opportunity to get acquainted with your business, and with the type of application development you will need. We continue working with clients all throughout the brainstorming and conceptualizing process, and on through the phases of development, implementation, and product testing.

Consider a few of the popular examples of the applications developed by Freytag Designs:

  • Inventory tracking and organization applications
  • Secure web applications for financial transactions
  • Applications to scan documents into PDF format with custom organization

Whatever needs a business might have for custom application development, at Freytag Designs we can meet those needs in an efficient and cost-effective way. Why not request a free quote online for your project? Let's get started on an application that's ideal for your business.