Web Design Services

Since 2007 the web design experts at Freytag Designs have been providing high quality, fully customized websites for businesses in Eugene, Springfield, and the surrounding areas. We build beautiful, user friendly websites that are completely designed around your company's unique identity. Graphics, theme colors, and of course content are all generated to reflect your particular logo and brand.

Why Is Having A Well Designed Website Important?

In today's information age having an informative, easy to find, and easy to navigate website has become almost more important than having a business card and a listing in the phonebook. As communities around the world continue to embrace modern technology and internet communications, websites are now often the first point of contact between businesses and potential customers.

This means that before a person makes a phone call or walks into a place of business, they are first researching it online. And this is often the case whether they are seeking a medical office, a restaurant, or any other specific service that a business might have to offer. Therefore an effective website can help you establish a good online presence, grow your business, and keep you competitive.

How Does The Web Design Process Work?

  • Step 1: The first step we take in the web design process is to sit down with a client and speak with them about their website goals and objectives. Freytag Designs will help you define your website's target audience and discuss the layout and architecture of your website. In addition to that, this is our opportunity to learn more about you and your brand. What services do you have to offer? What information and features should be most visible to your website's audience? We will discuss all of the needs that are specific to your business, and then develop a website that meets those needs.

  • Step 2: Following the initial consultation to get acquainted with your business and your website goals, Freytag Designs conducts research to see how some of your top competitors are performing on the web. What approaches are proving to be effective for them? How do their websites rank on the internet and perform in search engines? We analyze this and other relevant web design information to determine how your website will be best suited to compete.

  • Step 3: Equipped with the information we need, Freytag Designs now dives into the design work. To begin we create one or two webpage mock-ups that feature a completely customized design for your website's main or "home" page. The design incorporates your brand's colors, logo, and imagery, and provides a fine demonstration of what the overall look and feel of your website will be. Once the mock-up is complete we present it online for you to preview. After gaining client approval, Freytag Designs will then move forward and complete the rest of the website's pages, implementing the approved design.

What Happens After A Website Goes Live?

Once your website is finished, with your approval we proceed to go live. At the same time we launch your website for public access, your website's address is submitted to multiple search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. Furthermore, Freytag Designs continues to provide support for 60 days without additional charge. During that time we continue to make any modifications that might be necessary. We also conduct a search engine optimization assessment to establish how well your website is being ranked in search engine results.

We invite you to contact Freytag Designs today, or request a free quote online and see what web design services we can perform for you.