Web Hosting and Domain Name Administration

After an attractive and user-friendly website is created, does it just magically appear on the internet for all the world to see? No, but it does mean you have only a couple of steps left to take before your website can finally be launched. To publish your website on the internet you need to obtain a domain name and web-hosting.

How Do Web Hosting And Domain Names Work?

Web Hosting Just like you would lease actual building space for an office, a web-host provider allows you to lease space online where you can store your website files. This available space is on a high-powered computer called a web server and it is connected to a very fast network. A domain name is the internet address of your business. Just as you would use the physical address of your business to find your office, a domain name finds your website. How do these two necessary website features work together?

When an internet user types your website address into their web browser, the internet connects to the web server holding your site's files and it promptly loads those files in the browser. What appears on screen is the attractive and informative website that you have had created. Thus it becomes quite apparent that without a domain name and a good web-hosting company you cannot successfully publish your website on the internet.

Freytag Designs can handle the administration of these two important components. We can help set up a brand new domain name and web hosting, as well as perform the proper administrative tasks to link them up. If you are simply changing domain name or web hosting service providers, we can ensure a smooth transition takes place.