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Website design, HTML and CSS price guide

Pricing at Freytag Designs

How much do web design services cost? While prices may vary between companies, costs are largely determined by the specific services that a business needs.

For instance a business might be seeking a brand new website. But what particular features will this website need? Will a simple, attractive and informative website suffice? Or will special web forms be required, or areas of the site where only certain individuals can log into secure web portals? Will social media play a big role in how users find and interact with the website, therefore making ongoing social media updates a primary need? These few examples alone demonstrate how prices for a web design project can vary. Fortunately, Freytag Designs makes the process of identifying website needs quick and easy.


Prices for Web-Design

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Per Project

Freytag Designs charges on a "per-project" basis for the creation of a brand new website, or a complete redesign of an existing website. We assess the overall time and nature of the work involved to complete your project, and then we determine a competitive price.

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Monthly Retainers

If your website requires ongoing maintenance or updates then a monthly retainer is recommended. Retainers are ideal for those who wish to have continual attention given to seach engine optimization, social media or blog updates, or simply for the peace of mind. You know that prompt support is just a phone call or email away.

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One Time Costs

We are happy to provide any of our web design or IT support services on a one-time basis. Should your business needs require more sporadic periods of maintenance, Freytag Designs is here when you need us.


Prices for IT Support

Prices for high quality tech support provided by Freytag Designs are arranged according to a 3 tier system. Each tier has its own affordable hourly rate. Rates are determined by such factors as the amount of work to be performed, the size of an office, or the number of work stations requiring IT support.

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Tier 1 Services:

All inclusive desktop work, consulting, user-peripherals and basic server operations.

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Tier 2 Services:

All inclusive server work, Network Layer 1 and 2 peripherals and network equipment.

Tier 3 Services:

Emergency service rate due to catastrophe or other uncontrollable issues that require immediate service.

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