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IT Support

At Freytag Designs we specialize in the field of information technology. For well over a decade we have provided effective technical support and IT training for a wide variety of businesses. The world of IT support is constantly changing, and we make it our goal to keep our clients ahead of the curve, with computer equipment and software running at their peak performance. We perform comprehensive and necessary IT support services such as:

Freytag Designs even provides effective IT training and tutoring for individuals utilizing the computer work stations that we care for.


Ethernet Cables

IT Support For New Businesses or Office Relocations

Tech support is not limited to computer maintenance and updates for existing systems. Good IT support is also vital when it comes to setting up work stations for your business. Freytag Designs promptly completes the installation and set-up of new computers, and computer networks.

Our experience includes starting a project as early as the installation of CAT cables in preparation for phone systems and internet use, while a building is still under construction. Contact us for a free quote if you are preparing for a building project or relocating to a brand new location.


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Server Mirgrations and Operating System Upgrades

Another critical aspect of quality IT support involves server migrations and the occasional upgrades of operating systems. As the name of the task suggests, a server migration is the process of moving data from one server to another. Often times this is due to equipment being replaced, software being upgraded, or it could be for security reasons; ensuring that sensitive information such as that retained by a medical office, is not accessible to the public or vulnerable to internet hacks.

The reasons for a migration are varied, but it's important that this process be handled by IT support specialists who have experience working with computer servers. At Freytag Designs we perform server migrations on a regular basis and we can ensure a smooth migration for your business. Even before getting started we map out an effective plan to complete the task, to ensure that data is backed up, and that data will remain safe and secure during the migration process.

The upgrading of operating systems is another necessary component of IT support. Occasionally, a business will upgrade to a newer version of their computer operating system and this process will be required for each of their work stations. We are experts at backing up critical data, formatting disk drives, and installing new operating systems. Within a reasonable amount of time, Freytag Designs will have your work stations up and running smoothly, utilizing the new system.

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