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Computer Networking, in all of its forms, can become quite the complex tool in the world of information technology. However, at Freytag Designs, we are proud to provide networking services that cover any IT need that a home or business may encounter. We work with both Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs), and we render services for networks that are wired, as well as wireless. Our networking capabilities can benefit those who are just now setting up a network, or those who have an existing computer network and need necessary maintenance or troubleshooting.

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Network Assessment

Freytag Designs offers expert services in all aspects of computer networking. This includes network planning and assessment, installation, maintenance and any troubleshooting needs that may arise. An assessment of your computer network often begins with creating a visible diagram or chart of each networking component; switches, routers, modems, any computers connected to the network and so on. This helps us to identify and locate any problematic areas of your computer network and then provide the proper solutions.

If you are establishing a brand new network for your home or business, we can visibly plan your network and determine what type of wired or wireless network devices you will need. During this process we also keep in mind the potential for interference issues and help you to avoid them.

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Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Network maintenance is available all across the entire network infrastructure. Maintenance needs can vary, and become necessary for any number of reasons. Perhaps a computer network is in need of general updates, or maybe your business is growing, creating a need for new offices or technology changes. Whatever the case, Freytag Designs can ensure that your network is properly maintenanced on a routine basis and in a position to handle continued changes and potential growth.

We give thorough attention to the health of your computer network. Among other things, we perform the following inspections:

  • View event logs for any serious system warnings and failures
  • Verify status of data back-up systems to ensure back-ups are completed routinely
  • Check for existing or impending drive failures
  • Confirm that antivirus definitions are up-to-date and check for any current infections
  • Inspect drive partitions for fragmentation; if necessary run disk defragmenter
  • Confirm sufficient space is available on all hard drive partitions
  • Provide maintenance for individual work stations by means of quality IT Support

When you contact Freytag Designs we can schedule an appointment for an IT consultation and then design a maintenance plan that is ideal for your business needs. Give us a call today or request a free online quote for computer networking services.

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